Special guest

Bracken Fern - Potter


Bracken Fern's goal has always been to create pottery that offer the best everyday experience for her aficionados. Carefully allying shapes, colors and organic feels, she turns every handcrafted pieces into a personal encounter.  
Bracken is currently the studiomanager for Railyard Arts Studio, in Croton Falls, NY, working within a community of artists.

clay cocotte

Bracken's beautiful and original pieces are for sale at Cocotte's. With her dreamy blue and earth tones,  her cocottes, vases and teapots feel completely at home at the James Pharmacy. When you'll see them, you'll want your own! 




pots and cocottes

Bracken's imagination with our everyday items is limitless.When we visited her in her studio In Croton Falls, NY, she explained how each piece is carefully researched to achieve the perfect balance of usage and beauty. Even the handles of her teapots are designed for the way we, humans, hold a full teapot. Slightly forward to distribute the weight, hollow but sturdy to minimize it.