Cocotte at James Pharmacy

Miss james at the James PharmacyAsk anyone in Old Saybrook about the James Pharmacy and you'll end up with a cornucopia of stories and memories. It was definitely more than just a pharmacy. There, you could stop for newspaper, order ice cream or a sandwich or just chat a bit with the very caring Miss James ...even get a ticket to New York, if you were a young Katharine Hepburn eager for a chance at a dream.

Built in 1790, the James Pharmacy originally served as a general store attached to the Humphrey Pratt Tavern. Legend has it that the Marquis de Lafayette made a purchase there upon his return to America to visit his Revolutionary War friends. Moved farther down Main Street in 1877, it became a pharmacy, later owned by Miss James' brother in law, Peter Lane. When he went off to World War I, she took over and developed the business. She too made history as the first African American woman to graduate from the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy and to own a pharmacy in Connecticut. She changed the name to the “James Pharmacy” and made most of the changes that we see today.

Following in the steps of Miss James‘ inspiring journey, Cocotte will be a friendly hub for the community where good food and good company make for great conversation.Tell us your stories about the James Pharmacy - We will be happy to share them on our website!